January 1, 2013

Off To Mt. Holiday

While trying our hand at the small hill next to our house, the kids (especially Niklas) quickly got bored. Mt. Holiday isn't far from our house and offer 1 1/2 hour lessons for a mere $25. The first part of the footage is from Christmas Eve, while the second part is of the boys experimenting with a slightly more challenging hill.


Craig said...

Thanks I have just read through this entire blog over the last day or so and it's cleared a lot of things up for me. My wife and I have found out that we are having triplets about 5 weeks ago going in for our first scan at 12 weeks. As you well know everything becomes a roller coaster ride from there and reading through you're blog has shown me that it all just needs to be taken in its stride. All the best and again thank you.

Jason R. Myers said...

I'm glad people are still reading this. I need to get back into the habit of updating it again! Congratulations on the triplets. Just rest and take it one day at a time.