September 29, 2010

Ready For End to 2010

I am not one to wish away time, I feel like the years with my little guys are already going by way too fast. With that being said, 2010 has not been among the best years in recent history.  Last week, Gabbie spent 3 days in the hospital for none other than a scraped knee.  Yes, a scraped knee.  This mundane injury which usually serves as proof of a fun summer for most children somehow turned into a nasty infection that not only landed us in the hospital, but put Gabbie on the verge of needing surgery.  On the bright side, Gabbie was the bravest, most well behaved little patient I have ever seen.  For being poked, prodded and getting virtually no sleep, she was such a good kid.

September 12, 2010

The Old Stomping Grounds

Today, we took a trip up to see just about the entire family at my mom's house in Dimondale.  While we were there, we took a trip down to said village for an ice cream cone.  Afterwards, we walked over to Dimondale Elementary School where my brother, sister, and I attended.  Although most of the equipment is new, some of the items from my tenure remained, including the caterpillar you see Niklas climbing on. Ahhhh, nostalgia!