June 30, 2010

Holiday Road Part IV

So basically we drove around lake Michigan and part of Lake Superior.  The occasion was my beautiful niece Gianna's baptism.  As we all know, Greta and I are well traveled with the kids.  As we will find out through some subsequent blog posts, the kids are making travel more and more difficult.  We traveled from Ypsilanti to Chicago for a field trip at Shedd Aquarium.  Once we were done, we fought 2 hours of rush hour traffic to stay the night in glorious Elgin, Illinois.

The next morning we made the trek to Wisconsin Dells.  Well, we really didn't go to the Dells, but we went to the Great Wolf Lodge, just off the exit for the Dells, does that count?  At least there, Lukas discovered water slides.  From there we made the journey to Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota.  If you don't know where that is, let me help.  There were a couple of movies where Charlize Theron found a niche being ugly.  In one movie she was a mass murdering woman of negotiable morality, in the other (North Country) she was a mine worker who was "harassed" by the locals.  The latter of the two was actually filmed in Hoyt Lakes Minnesota.  In defense of Hoyt Lakes though, it was one of the most scenic and beautiful places I have ever visited.  I mean, I was on a lake fishing with by brother in law (on Memorial Day Weekend) and he was upset about the OTHER boat on the lake.  Truly an untouched and scenic place.  And, Adam and I crushed the walleye that day.  I sometimes poke fun at my sister for living in such a remote place and at other times I am jealous of the things they are removed from.

Finally, on the trip home we were destined to make it home.  In totality, it should be about a 16 hour drive.   From Hoyt Lakes to Duluth it should be a little over an hour.  Needless to say, it took us over 3 hours to make it through Duluth.  Yes, we got lost, but it was beautiful (even Greta will agree).  We went along the Lake Superior Lakeshore which looked like Big Sur in California, maybe prettier.  However, after 3 hours and not passing Duluth, our hopes of making it home in one day were dwindling.  Then, Greta decided we were taking no prisoners and completely slammed the U.P.  Other than a brief encounter with a black bear, our ride home was uneventful.


Anonymous said...

YAY! So glad you guys made the trip, it was so much fun. Loved watching Niklas push you in the pool.

Love Auntie Sarah

Anonymous said...

I have to catch up on this. Your parents filled me in on how you are Mr. Technology but when you all took off, you headed in the wrong direction! I'm sorry, but I find that funny. It is so something Tim and I would do. I'm glad you saw some pretty places though. I get why they call that area "God's country". Lisa D.