May 2, 2010

Neurosurgery Update

Last week, we had our yearly check up with neurosurgery at the University of Michigan. Prior to the visit, I had a conversation with one of the nurses. Originally, Niklas was scheduled to have a CAT scan, but I thought that maybe we could skip it for a few reasons.

1. Niklas is doing absolutely fantastic. He is speaking and understanding 2 languages. His athletic ability is amazing for what we have been through. He can throw a wiffle ball up and hit it with a bat. He can punt a soccer ball and throw it up and bounce it off his head. He is a good dancer. He has a great sense of humor and even lies and deceives. He is inquisitive and has an amazing personality.

2. Why subject him to the radiation if there is no reason? I don't know what a lifetime of yearly scans will do to him and don't want to unnecessarily subject him to a procedure that he finds terrifying anyway.

3. This is the least of all reasons, but we are on a high deductible health plan. If everything is fine, why spend $3,500.

Keep in mind, I told the staff that they, along with God's grace, have made Niklas what he is today. If they, for any reason, wanted to do a scan I would go along. I will do anything that staff suggests, but I just wanted to ask the questions. The agreed that it wasn't really necessary and were very impressed with Niklas's progress. They told us to come back in a year.

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