March 24, 2010

Good bye dad!

This is a post to remember my very first best friend and mentor, my dad. He was a person who showed me that life should be lived to its fullest. He taught me to be brave, take chances and be smart. He passed away today at 7:15 pm Lithuanian time at the young age of 66 years old. He was an athlete and an avid downhill skier. I had the privilege of holding his hand until his last breath, beside my mom,my sister and my favorite uncle Algis. It was an experience I will never forget.

My dad fought until the end.He was bravest and the kindest man I have ever known.

Dear dad, you were a great family man and THE BEST DAD anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for beeing my dad, I feel lucky and honored that you chose us. My dad will be missed by many. His friends, but mostly by his closest family members, my mom, my sister, me and the rest of the immediate family. I do have one small regret that my children only have known you for 3 years. Dear Jajai ( pronounced "Yai Yai" as my kids called him) you were a funny person who spoke to us in a funny language that at times we could not understand. We loved you very much. Thank you for our future.

One day we will see you on the other side.

Until The, Love Always,

All of Us.


Anonymous said...

He was an amazing person. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to meet him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Wish we could be there with you.

Sarah, Adam, and Gia

Rasa said...

Miela Greta ir visa Tavo seima,
Labai gaila, kai iseina geriausieji ir mylimiausieji ...
Nuosirdziausia uzuojauta nuo Rasos ir Haroldo is Panevezio

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Your family will be in our prayers.

Sharon Ketola and family

the logan crew said...

So sad for your family now but how lucky you must feel to be his daughter. He sounds like he was a wonderful man. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Greta. I'm so sorry. You are being thought of and prayed for here too. The Davis family

Anonymous said...

Greta, I lost my father when he was only 57. Our daughters never had the chance to meet their grandfather. But they did get to know him through our sharing memories of him. So tell your stories so your children can love him as much as you do. Sending prayers for you, your Mom and sister. Judy Stark