February 21, 2010

Weekend Away, Weekend Alone

Just prior to last weekend, Greta spontaneously booked a last minute getaway to the Grand Traverse Resort in Traverse City.  We were getting to the point where we basically needed to get away for the health of our relationship.  Thank you Mom & Dad for staying at our house the entire weekend on short notice and watching our sick kids!!!!!  The kids had been sick for quite a while, and we all had the winter blues.  Not to mention, Greta takes the brunt of the abuse from the kids.  For some reason, they feel the need to beat up on her.  The are good at preschool, they are nice around the grandparents, they behave in public, and are basically angels when any random stranger is around.  But for some reason, they feel the need to treat their Mommy like garbage.  It's strange how their behavior goes down the toilet almost as soon as Greta walks into the room. 

I am sure that thy are just vying for her attention, because Greta is a wonderful mother.  She cooks them 2-3 meals a day, reads them books, does crafts with them, hauls them outside, takes them to playgroups, Jungle Java, Urban Toddler and just about every thing else.  I feel bad because I come home from work and am perceived as "Captain Fun", while Greta does all the hard work and takes all the abuse.

This weekend, I was alone with the Trio while Greta was in Chicago.  Granted I didn't cook any meals or do any laundry, but the kids were relatively easy on me.  I hope that this week they don't set out to drive her crazy again, because if this continues she may make me stay home while she goes out and works.  There is no way I could do Greta's job!  Pictures below are from the Winter Festival in Traverse City.

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Anonymous said...

Jason, you write the nicest stuff about Greta. You totally appreciate her - as you should. You are BOTH awesome parents! Lisa D.