February 25, 2010

My Greatest Gift Of All

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I am including a little fun session from Monday,we snow day. Kids school was canceled, we were snowed in and the light was just wonderful. So I have pulled the big guns, my Nikon 700. In the afternoon we have attempted to build the snow man, but I think it was too cold, the snow wouldn't stick together. So instead, kids sat in the sleight and Jason pulled the around the neighborhood.
Tomorrow is my Birthday and i know that my family is my greatest gift. I love seeing my kids getting along, not always, but for the moment we had a perfect moment. Sorry for the random post ( this is really Jason's gig) and I could never write as well as he does. So cheers to me and looking forward to the lovely dinner downtown tomorrow with my faves Niki, Luki, Gabbie and Jason.

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