January 25, 2010

The Boss

Ok, so this slide show is dominated by Gabbie. Greta will be the first to tell you that Gabbie gets photographed so often because she is willing and she thinks it's fun. The photos in this shoot that do include the boys, obviously say something about the dynamic between them and their sister. It is becoming very apparent that a leader or boss is developing and there is no reason for anyone to feel sorry for this little girl growing up with two brothers. In fact, I often have to tell Gabbie that she is not the Mother of the family when I catch her yelling "One!, Two!, Three!..." at one of the boys. I can't say we didn't see things developing this way, Gabbie's personality was apparent from the moment she pounded down her first bottle in the NICU. I think she was determined to be the first one to come home from the hospital so she could get a head start on the two little trouble makers that were soon to follow. I don't want to brag, but she is also such a looker. Thank God, what a miracle these kids are!

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