December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

What a long, but fun filled Christmas Season this was.  It always seems like such a deluge of gifts for the kids with their birthdays being stacked right on top of Christmas.  Aside from a few Clark W. Griswold moments on my part, including a flat tire yesterday that my brother and I were unable to change, our 4th Christmas with the triplets was a nice one. We had a really great time getting together at my parent's house with my brother Ben, his wife Emily, their new son Jackson, my sister Sarah, her husband Adam and their new daughter Gianna.  I think my mom and dad had a really nice time having all three of us together for the first time in a long time as well as having 5 grand kids in the house.  

The Triplets

Jackson Myers

Gianna Licari

Jackson & Gianna

The 5 Grandchildren


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Thank you so much for taking them. I have such beautiful grandchildren. I loved having my whole family together. I miss you guys. Have a wonderful trip.

Love granny

Anonymous said...

What beautiful children...

Merry Christmas All,

Gianna's Grandma Susie

Anonymous said...

Incredible pictures. The triplets are giants! I am so glad you were all together. Great memories!! Lisa D.