November 30, 2009

Welcome Jack!

The kids finally went back to school today. I think they have missed preschool more than they have attended it this year. Although they are mostly over their colds, Greta has been very sick for about the past week. In other more exciting news, I am an Uncle once again. This time my brother Ben and his wife Emily have welcomed their new baby boy Jackson into the world. Congratulations! Due to the sickness in the family, we will be waiting a while to visit.

The video below is nothing special. For my birthday I got a new Flip Mino HD video camera and felt the need to test it even though we really don't have any interesting footage yet. Basically, this thing is a pocket sized HD video camera. I am hoping the the fact that I can actually fit it in my front pocket will cause me to take some more video.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That Camera is so clear. Great pics.