November 23, 2009

A Mess

The Myers house is quarantined.   Gabbie and Niklas have been battling the flu, and quite possibly the H1N1 variety given the pattern exhibited.  Gabbie simultaneously had pink eye and a 104 fever. So far, Greta, Lukas and I have been unaffected.  That was, until tonight when Greta began having the chills and a stomach ache.  I am praying that these germs leave our house very, very soon.

The pics above are of Pig Pen having a field day with a bowl of rice yesterday.  I sometimes wonder if they are children or chimps. The picture below is of Niklas, who has to be the best little sickie ever. He just sat on the couch like a little angel, occasionally saying "Daddy, I need a towel, I'm gonna puke".

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