November 30, 2009

Welcome Jack!

The kids finally went back to school today. I think they have missed preschool more than they have attended it this year. Although they are mostly over their colds, Greta has been very sick for about the past week. In other more exciting news, I am an Uncle once again. This time my brother Ben and his wife Emily have welcomed their new baby boy Jackson into the world. Congratulations! Due to the sickness in the family, we will be waiting a while to visit.

The video below is nothing special. For my birthday I got a new Flip Mino HD video camera and felt the need to test it even though we really don't have any interesting footage yet. Basically, this thing is a pocket sized HD video camera. I am hoping the the fact that I can actually fit it in my front pocket will cause me to take some more video.

November 23, 2009

A Mess

The Myers house is quarantined.   Gabbie and Niklas have been battling the flu, and quite possibly the H1N1 variety given the pattern exhibited.  Gabbie simultaneously had pink eye and a 104 fever. So far, Greta, Lukas and I have been unaffected.  That was, until tonight when Greta began having the chills and a stomach ache.  I am praying that these germs leave our house very, very soon.

The pics above are of Pig Pen having a field day with a bowl of rice yesterday.  I sometimes wonder if they are children or chimps. The picture below is of Niklas, who has to be the best little sickie ever. He just sat on the couch like a little angel, occasionally saying "Daddy, I need a towel, I'm gonna puke".

November 16, 2009

Fashion Show

 I can't believe that this is the 3rd fashion show for us. I don't know if time actually went this fast, or if it just seems fast because I mentally blocked out all the painful stuff of that happened in the first year. The Fashion Show is a bitter sweet event for me. One the one hand, I think it's nice to stop and reflect on how blessed our lives are, and how far our kids have come. It's also great to raise money for a cause that is so dear to Greta and I. It's especially nice to reconnect with the St. Joseph staff who saved our kids lives. Plus, we have made a lot of very good friends through this event who all have similar stories and share a common connection. On the other hand, it's getting harder and harder for me to revisit the NICU. I am pretty sure that I have mentally buried my memories from the NICU, but this event each year is a reminder to me of how fragile life is and that our family is truly a miracle and a gift from God.

November 9, 2009


Not really sure when this all started, but I was pretty blown away.  We also discovered tonight that Lukas can actually identify most letters too. I am so proud of my little preemies.