August 29, 2009

August 25, 2009

Myers Talk

Things heard around the Myers household over the past couple weeks...

Jason: What should we pray for tonight?

Niklas: Cookies!

Jason: But what about all the children around the world who don't have any toys or don't have any food to eat?

Gabbie: Daddy, they can have my toys.


Jason: Niklas, it's great you pulled down your pants, took off your diaper and went pee pee, but next time could you try to do it in the toilet instead of getting in the bath tub?


Jason: Niklas, I am not going to tell you again, please don't fart on your brother.


Gabbie (holding a poop covered hand in the air): Daddy, I pooped my pants.

These days, it's pretty much chaos. Potty training is going relatively well, which will eliminate some challenges. On the other hand, the stooges are obviously out growing the cribs, which literally terrifies me. I cannot imagine our lives once these monkeys are freed from their cages. We have had a sneak peek over the past couple of weeks as Niklas began hopping from crib to crib. Soon, the other two figured out how to do the same. One day, Greta goes up into the nursery to see what all of the yelling is about and both boys are in Gabbies crib pouncing on her as she tries to sleep. Around the same time, Niklas ripped one of the wood bars off his crib allowing him to slip through and escape. We spent about two nights putting him back in repeatedly before swapping that crib with Gabbies. The next morning Gabbie notices the missing bar and says "Uh-oh Mommy, I sorry, look what I did." Needless to say, the big kid beds are on the way. On the other hand, preschool starts in a couple of weeks, which will provide Greta with some much needed relief.

August 12, 2009

Lithuania '09

What a fun trip. It's too late for me to go into detail, but the slideshow has all the highlights of the many days we spent in Palanga on the Baltic Sea. This is also a really great song, if you have speakers, turn it up.

August 5, 2009

Binky Free!

We have been home from Lithuania for 8 nights now, and haven't pulled out the binkies yet. We used them on the plane for sanity, but the night we arrived we gave the kids the lame excuse that we left them on the plane. They actually bought it hook, line and sinker. The first couple nights were rough. In the past it wasn't uncommon for one of the kids to get up at 5:30 a.m., grab a binky and go back to sleep. Until last night, they were doing that but very thing but, since there are no binkies, they opted to just stay awake. Needless to say, I think we are past that phase. Next up, big kid beds! Oh, and um potting training.