July 23, 2009

Gabbie's first infatuation?

I didn't even know a two year old could flirt. But sure enough, Gabbie has found infatuation with her first boy. His name is Gabrielius, which in itself is cute, but Gabbie affectionately calls him Yogas. They would hold hands and and Yogas would say "Let's play house, I will be the dad and you be the Mom." Gabbie was undoubtedly smitten, and although it was cute I can't help but fast forward my life 10 or 12 years and wonder where I am going to hide the shot gun.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of Gabbie. I don't think I am ready for her to have a boyfriend yet. Can we wait another 25 to 30 Years? Hope you are having a great time. Miss you all

Love Granny

Anonymous said...

The cottage clan (many, many kids) were checking out the latest entries from here in Cadillac. We love them! Lisa D.