June 29, 2009

Brown Fishies

The picture is from a couple of weeks ago. Apparently we have been lucky up to this point during bath time, but Gabbie broke the streak by uttering "poo poo potty" while sitting in the tub. All I heard was Greta screaming from upstairs that we were under attack by brown submarines. It was partial diarrhea, so we (and by we, I mean Greta) had quite the cleanup. In other news, Niklas is on a hunger strike which I hope is not related to this incident, any advice?


Anonymous said...

So does Gabbie have about 4 inches on Lukie or what? This picture looks like small, medium, and large.

Love Auntie Sarah

Jason R. Myers said...

It's been that way from the beginning, but it's apparent now, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Done the poo poo potty thing, but not with the runny stuff that I can remember. We (meaning ME) had some gross things to touch ourselves. The good news is, if you hadn't written that to remind me, those memories fade! BTW, I'll take one in each size! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Well Gabbie has always weighed more, I guess I didn't realize she was that much taller. I'm missing out on so much!

Auntie Sarah