May 19, 2009


This past week, Greta has been sick with bronchitis and recently our kids have also been coughing up a storm, especially at night. Today we became concerned enough to take them to the doctor and found out that both Lukas and Niklas have walking pneumonia. There is so much hacking in my house, it sounds like a TB ward. In the last post I described how we are fairly certain that Niklas is getting some headaches. As a result, we had his August neurosurgery appointment bumped to this Friday so that we could get a MRI and put our minds to rest. I called NS today to get their opinion on the matter and they don't even want to touch him for at least 4-6 weeks. No big deal, but we just want to get to the bottom of the "Headdy Hurts" complaints.

On the lighter side, the monkeys have been pretty darn funny lately. In the picture, a naked Lukas and Niklas climbed to the top of the changing table and thought they were pretty cool for doing so. Greta plopped Gabbie up there and snapped the shot. We now call Gabbie the "Ann Arbor Kooky Lady". She insists on constantly wearing her sunglasses and baseball cap, even while in the house and she wont even go to bed without them. On top of that, she lugs around every possession she comes in contact with during the day. By evening she is carrying around a few stuffed animals, a couple books, her blanket, her binky and whatever else she finds. All she needs to do is plop all of it in her play shopping cart, push it down main street and ask for money.

On a final note, I am trying to get rid of the pacifiers. Some of them are getting holes in them and are referred to by the kids as "yucky binkies". Sunday morning we were sitting on the couch and Niklas said "yucky binky!" while attempting to suck on a defective pacifier.

I said "Sorry buddy, it's all we have."

He replied in a louder more assertive tone "YUCKY BINKY!"

Again, I told him "It's all we have, sorry."

Niklas got up off the couch, walked over and opened the front door, chucked his binky out into the lawn, slammed the front door shut, and came back to the couch and sat down. I about died laughing. This, however, gave me the idea on Sunday night to cut the tips off the rest of the binkies (we kept a couple for emergency). They have gone to bed the last two nights with "yucky binkies". We'll see how it goes, but I really don't like those dirty little pieces of rubber anymore.

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Allison said...

Hope everyone is starting to feel better! From a past binky mom of three, I have to say if you have made it two nights, you are well on your way! Don't slip back! Just get rid of those back ups:)