May 5, 2009


This weekend, Greta and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. Friday night, my parents took the triplets for the entire weekend. Actually, they took them until late Monday afternoon. Greta and I celebrated by doing 10 hour days of landscaping cleanup each day (hot and romantic, I know), and going out for cocktails at night. It was nice to have a weekend away from the kids, and I can't thank my parents enough for taking them. Ben & Emily swung over to Lansing to lighten the load and even took Niklas out to dinner one night. When the kids came back on Monday evening, I had their Schwinn Roadsters put together and waiting for them. I have been eyeing these trikes since the day I found out Greta was pregnant.

On another note, please keep Niklas in your prayers. One of the advantages of the kids getting a little older is that they can now articulate their feelings. Niklas has been telling us for a while that his head hurts. He used to just say "bump" while pointing to his head, but we didn't really give much credence to it. Now he says "Head Hurts" in both English and Lithuanian. Headaches alone would be only a slight cause for concern but he has also periodically been having slightly odd episodes. He will suddenly become cuddly (Niklas is not a cuddly child) while telling us his head hurts. After lying on mommy or either of the grandmas for a while, he vomits, takes a nap, and then wakes up like nothing ever happened and is ready to take on the world. This has probably occurred 6 or 7 times since Christmas and almost always occurs in the morning. Our fear is that his shunt is not properly draining while he is lying down and sleeping. When he finally wakes up and stands he gets a big drain and gets queazy from it. This is all just theory, but we really want to get it figured out. Our next neurosurgery update was scheduled for August, but we are having it bumped to sometime in the next week or two. I pray that we are not dealing with hardware malfunction.


The Buckley Family said...

Definitely praying for Niklas! Thank goodness we have such a great neurosurgeon looking after our little ones!

Mev said...

Hope Niklas is okay. Please keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I'll be checking lots to see how Niklas is doing. Definitely saying prayers too! I had to smile when you wrote that he can tell you his head hurts in 2 languages! How cool is that? (Not that his head hurts - but how he says it!) Lisa D.