April 30, 2009

March For Babies

Although we wished we could have raised a bit more money, March for Babies was a fantastic event again this year. It was a gorgeous day out at Hudson Mills in Dexter, and we had a great time seeing everyone. The kids weren't very cooperative in leaving the house, but had fun seeing all their little friends once we arrived. The 3 or 4 mile walk was much more exhausting this year as opposed to last when the kids never left the stroller.


Anonymous said...

:)) kodel Niklui batai atvirksciai apauti ?? (3 nuotrauka) kieno darbas? :)))_Indre

Anonymous said...

you were so close to our house! sometime will have to have you out and take the kids on the trails, it's beautiful and so much fun for the kids!

Anonymous said...

that one above is from Leslie