April 2, 2009


For the past couple of months, the kids have been asking to go on what they refer to as "ventures". Usually this involves walking around the yard and finding interesting things, but for the past two weeks we did some real "venturing". Traveling with 3 toddlers is not exactly easy, so thank you to Dailius & Irena (Greta's Parents) and Algis & Irena (our Lithuanian friends) for helping us out so much and being so accommodating. I haven't spent much time out west, except for a couple of business trips to L.A, so this was a fascinating trip for me. Although Greta has spent more time out there, I think it was a real treat for her, too.

This vacation involved a lot of time in the car, but each stop was well worth the drive. We flew from Detroit to Fresno, California where we drove about 40 miles Northeast into the foothills of the Sierra Mountains to Dailius & Irena's place in Coarsegold. I will show all of our stops in subsequent posts. We didn't get in until 2:30 this morning, so we are both very tired. Nontheless, here are a few pics from the trip, with many more to come.

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the logan crew said...

What beautiful babes you guys have. Those EYES!!!!!! Hope to see you guys soon...

Jen Logan