April 30, 2009

March For Babies

Although we wished we could have raised a bit more money, March for Babies was a fantastic event again this year. It was a gorgeous day out at Hudson Mills in Dexter, and we had a great time seeing everyone. The kids weren't very cooperative in leaving the house, but had fun seeing all their little friends once we arrived. The 3 or 4 mile walk was much more exhausting this year as opposed to last when the kids never left the stroller.

April 21, 2009


We have finally sorted through all of the pictures from the California trip. The bad thing about digital photography is that you tend to take so many more pictures than you would if you were paying for the film.

So here is how this trip went down. We flew from Detroit to Fresno, California via Denver. The trip a bit rough as Gabbie seemed to have some trouble clearing her ears. From Fresno, we drove about 40 miles North to Coarsegold where Greta's parents have a place. Coarsegold is about 30 miles from the gates of Yosemite National Park, although a much longer trip due to mountain travel. Basically, the place is in the foothills of the Sierra mountains and very beautiful with gorgeous weather to boot. One day out of the trip, we put the kids in the rental van and took a trip through Yosemite Park. Although some roads were still closed due to snow, we got some incredible views. I haven't spent much time in the mountains, so I was fascinated by the fact that as you are climbing snow suddenly appears. There were roads that seemed to have 10 feet or more of snow on the sides, yet it felt as if it were 65 degrees out. Yosemite was awe inspiring. I felt like our pictures looked like a fake backdrop the because the scenery was just so unreal. The kids seemed to be more fascinated with "Finding Nemo" as it was during this trip we discovered how great portable DVD players are.

After about a week in Coursegold, we headed to South Lake Tahoe (About 300 miles) for the Lithuanian Ski Competition. This was a great event where Lithuanians from all over gather for some competitive skiing. We met a bunch of really cool people and spent a week in what I think might be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The drive, however, was a bit white knuckled for me. When we hit the mountains, we encountered some rain. I don't mind driving in the mountains when it's dry, but it was wet and I had no temperature guage in the rental car to tell me if things were freezing. Eventually the rain turned into snow, but we were able to make it to our hotel before the roads started getting bad. That night the mountains got nearly 3 feet of snow, while the base got pounded with well over a foot. I had never been skiing on anything bigger than Crystal Mountain in my life, so this was quite a test of my feeble abilities.

One day of the trip we left the Triplets with Dailius and Irena in Coarsegold while we, along with Greta's sister Indre, headed to Hearst Castle near Cambria (about 140 miles). We tackled the drive in under 3 hours. Hearst Castle is the incredible mansion built by the even more amazing ego maniac, William Randolph Hearst. I decided that on the way back we should drive up Highway 1 towards Monterey. I had heard this was a beautiful drive and on the map it looked like it would only add about 1 extra hour to our trip home. What I didn't account for was driving 15 mph for a good portion of it because the road is essentially a collection of hairpin turns on the side of a mountain. In short, I turned a 2 hour and 45 minute drive home into 8 hours. Whoops. It was, as Greta and Indre would attest, completely worth it. Vistas of Big Sur would actually be an appropriate use of the word "awesome". There was a lot more to the trip, but I figure pictures are more interesting than my stories. Thanks to Irena and Dailius & Algis and Irena for the hospitality. Thanks to my Dad for picking us up from the airport at 1 a.m. on our return trip.

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Each Easter I am reminded what a miracle our triplets are. Two years ago they were still on oxygen and struggling to grow. Today, they went on an Easter egg hunt in our back yard and later decided that it was a good idea to play in the mud just before walking into to church. They now have minds of their own. Lukas (pigpen) was a complete disaster, but he is so cute that you can only laugh. It was a wonderful day with visits from Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Ben, Aunt Emily and the Easter Bunny, of course.

April 10, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I have been anxious to get up more pictures from our California trip, but on Wednesday our main computer suffered a hard drive failure. Luckily I back up our data hourly as well as to an off site location, otherwise 10 years of pictures and music would be gone. In case you're interested Mozy is a great place to back up your stuff. I have never plugged anything on this site, but I figure many of you have years digital photos and music and don't back them up on a regular basis. This is one of the best products I have ever used. You just tell it what kinds of things to back up and it works in the background. Even if your house burns down, you won't lose any of your precious memories, and it's only $5.00/month for unlimited storage (cheaper if you sign up for a full year). Click on the ad below if you're interested.

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O.K., so more importantly, the 2009 March for Babies is coming up on April 26th at Hudson Mills MetroPark located at 8801 North Territorial Road Dexter, MI 48130. Last year was a gorgeous day and lots of fun so come out and join us if you can. If you can't make it, you can also donate to this wonderful cause dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. If it were not for the great strides that the March of Dimes has made to this end, our babies undoubtedly would have had a different outcome.

More of the California Trip to come once our computer is fully restored.

April 4, 2009

April 2, 2009


For the past couple of months, the kids have been asking to go on what they refer to as "ventures". Usually this involves walking around the yard and finding interesting things, but for the past two weeks we did some real "venturing". Traveling with 3 toddlers is not exactly easy, so thank you to Dailius & Irena (Greta's Parents) and Algis & Irena (our Lithuanian friends) for helping us out so much and being so accommodating. I haven't spent much time out west, except for a couple of business trips to L.A, so this was a fascinating trip for me. Although Greta has spent more time out there, I think it was a real treat for her, too.

This vacation involved a lot of time in the car, but each stop was well worth the drive. We flew from Detroit to Fresno, California where we drove about 40 miles Northeast into the foothills of the Sierra Mountains to Dailius & Irena's place in Coarsegold. I will show all of our stops in subsequent posts. We didn't get in until 2:30 this morning, so we are both very tired. Nontheless, here are a few pics from the trip, with many more to come.