February 4, 2009

Sarah Painted Toes!

Gabbie strung her first sentence together yesterday. When we were in the Dominican Republic, Aunt Sarah painted Gabbie's toes. Apparently, this was one of the most influential moments thus far in Gabbie's short life. Yesterday during bath time I asked "Who painted your toes?"

She responded "Sarah painted toes."

I thought this was an accident, so I asked her "Who painted them?"

She said "Sarah did!"

Every time she is asked about her toes, she points to them and lets you know that Sarah painted them. So cute.


Anonymous said...

I'm so honored!!! Can't wait for more fun girly things to introduce to Gabbie! I'll save the sports stuff to Uncle Benny.

Love Auntie Sarah

Whitney said...

Hello to my favorite family!
I can't believe Gabbie said her first sentence - she will be such a girly-girl ;)
I LOVE the hair styles - very nice.
I miss you all and hope to see you soon-