February 12, 2009

Only Child

After a week together in the Dominican, I thought my parents might have been burned out on the Triplets, but on Sunday my parents took Gabbie and Lukas to their house. Since Niklas got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa last time, it was someone else's turn. My parents were concerned that Gabbie or Lukas would be scared alone, so they decided to take them both. Through Tuesday afternoon, Niklas was an only child. Greta and I thought that we were going to be able to do this in our sleep. We thought we would be making fun of those who claim how exhausting one child is. We were wrong. It wasn't really harder, but it wasn't easier either. Sure, things like leaving the house or bundling up to go outside are 1/3 the effort, but Niklas seemed to fill the void left by the other two. It was, however, so much fun to be able to give one of our kids undivided attention for a couple of days, but we missed the other two. In fact, Niklas cried the first night looking for Gabbie and Lukas. As usual, the other two came back having learned a whole new bag of tricks including identifying objects on a deck of flash cards. The last two days they have woken up wondering where Grandma and Grandpa were.


Mackenzie said...

How lonely life would be for you with just one child. Whenever one of mine isn't with us, I feel like I've forgotten something and have that instant sick feeling in my stomach - and my kids are all grown up compared to yours! Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

We had such a great time and we look forward to doing it again. We especially liked watching Elmo. These guys are at such a fun age.

Love grandma