February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Greta!

I don't think today was the best of birthdays for Greta. The kids woke up in the mood to kill each other and break mommies back. It was pandemonium from the get go, so I left work early today and took Greta to dinner at Real Seafood Company. We had an awesome meal and came home to the kids just before bed time. With a little help from Anne, they made a card for Greta and actually sung happy birthday to her! How easily a rough day is forgiven. It wasn't the party and celebration that Greta is used to and deserves, but I think it sufficed. Finally, Happy Birthday to my Dad who turned 60 yesterday!

February 17, 2009

Pee Pee & Poo Poo

This morning, our house truly resembled a zoo. When I went into the kids room this morning, I was immediately clobbered with the smell of rancid poop. It was odd because, even when I am faced with a triple crapping in the morning, it doesn't smell this bad. I looked in Lukas's crib and was met with a horrifying sight. His pajamas were unzipped, his diaper was off, and he was covered from head to toe in poop. It was all over the crib, on the sheets, stuffed animals and blankets. He had poop in his hair. He was also very, very upset. I think he may have tried to remove his diaper, ran into some issues and then things just went terribly wrong. Needless to say, it was a horrible start to the day. Shortly after, Gabbie scratched my ear to the point that blood was dripping everywhere, not to mention it hurt like hell. So there you have it, a typical morning in the Myers house. We don't have 200 lb xanax popping, steak eating, wine drinking, face mauling chimps in our house, just the 25 lb, poop flinging kind.

In other news, Gabbie went pee on the potty for the first time last Friday. Although it has not happened since, we are hopeful the concept may be starting to click with her. Saturday, we all went to the mall and had a nice lunch for Valentine's day. Sunday, we attempted to go to church as a family. We were too obnoxious even for the cry room and didn't even make it half way though. Later on in the day, we ventured out of the house again to Jump City for our neighbor Brendan's 3rd birthday. This was actually a good time. The boys enjoyed playing on all the stuff after getting over their initial fear, Gabbie never conquered hers.

Yesterday, the speech therapist came to our house to gauge the progress of the kids. According to these folks, Lukas and Niklas are speaking at normal 2 year old levels and Gabbie is speaking at the level of a 30 month old. I really can't get over how blessed we are that Niklas is par for the course considering all he has been through.

February 12, 2009

Only Child

After a week together in the Dominican, I thought my parents might have been burned out on the Triplets, but on Sunday my parents took Gabbie and Lukas to their house. Since Niklas got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa last time, it was someone else's turn. My parents were concerned that Gabbie or Lukas would be scared alone, so they decided to take them both. Through Tuesday afternoon, Niklas was an only child. Greta and I thought that we were going to be able to do this in our sleep. We thought we would be making fun of those who claim how exhausting one child is. We were wrong. It wasn't really harder, but it wasn't easier either. Sure, things like leaving the house or bundling up to go outside are 1/3 the effort, but Niklas seemed to fill the void left by the other two. It was, however, so much fun to be able to give one of our kids undivided attention for a couple of days, but we missed the other two. In fact, Niklas cried the first night looking for Gabbie and Lukas. As usual, the other two came back having learned a whole new bag of tricks including identifying objects on a deck of flash cards. The last two days they have woken up wondering where Grandma and Grandpa were.

February 4, 2009

Sarah Painted Toes!

Gabbie strung her first sentence together yesterday. When we were in the Dominican Republic, Aunt Sarah painted Gabbie's toes. Apparently, this was one of the most influential moments thus far in Gabbie's short life. Yesterday during bath time I asked "Who painted your toes?"

She responded "Sarah painted toes."

I thought this was an accident, so I asked her "Who painted them?"

She said "Sarah did!"

Every time she is asked about her toes, she points to them and lets you know that Sarah painted them. So cute.