January 13, 2009

Where's Greg?

I'm not exactly sure why, but my kids took to the Wiggles a little over year ago.  In case you are not privy, The Wiggles are a group of 4 middle aged men, each with his own schtick, who live together and sing songs. They are also happen to be the richest dudes in Australia. Greg, the yellow Wiggle,  is the lead singer, driver of the Big Red Car, and a magician.  Anthony is the blue Wiggle and also is a bit of a glutton. Murray is the insanely weird looking red Wiggle whose speciality is wailing on the guitar.  Jeff is the purple Wiggle who unfortunately suffers from narcolepsy and bouts of short term memory loss.  It sounds completely stupid, but when something quiets 3 screaming babies you tend to overlook the weirdness. Come on, Mr. Rogers was kinda creepy too, wasn't he?

So one day, I find myself whistling tunes about fruit salad, rock-a-bye-ing bears, big red cars and purple octopi.  These guys have grown on me.  When you are driving down the highway with three kids and a wife with the Wiggles blasting, you have two choices.  You either open the door to jump out and end it all, or embrace the fact that you will never again be cool and just jam along.  We chose the latter.  I can only imagine what the 19 year old me would say to the 35 year old me.

A few weeks ago we noticed that the DVR started picking up some new episodes.  At first, I didn't get too excited as new episodes are usually a rehash of the same old stuff.  The first thing I noticed, however, was that the Wiggles were now in 16:9 high definition!  These guys are filthy dirty rich, and have never poured a cent back into the set of their show.  Finally, they broke down and got a freakin' new computer and a green screen.   Shortly after, I noticed something shocking.  A gentleman who was once a white glove wearing, top hat sporting, tea drinking member of Captain Feathersword's friendly pirate crew, was now sporting the yellow jersey belonging to Greg.  My kids never thought twice.  In fact, they think these new episodes are the best thing ever.  To me, this is the most difficult moment in musical history since Van Halen replaced David Lee Roth with Sammy Hagar.  Greg is way better than Sam.


Carolyn said...

If you think the Wiggles are weird, you should have been around for the Teletubbies phase. You don't know weirdness until you've experienced that show. And Raffi was popular when my kids were little. He didn't have a show, but we had his CDs. I can remember dropping the kids off at daycare and half way to work realizing I was still singing along to Raffi.

Kevin Currie said...

Mr. Rogers is to blame for a generation of low self esteem and a belief of entitlement.
BTB- Halen with Sammy was still way better than Halen with Gary Sharone. It could be worse.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the big purple dinosaur? I STILL sing his songs when I ask the kids to say "please and thank-you, 'cause they're the magic words...if you want nice things to happen, they're the words that should be heard!" The funny thing is, I can sing every song from about 30 children's tapes but my kids don't even remember them! The sad thing is, I can't remember what I need in the basement the minute I get down there. How does our brain decide what information is important to hold on to? Lisa D.