December 7, 2008

We Should Be Quarantined

It seems as though some member of the clan has been sick since the beginning of October.  All three of the kids are constantly leaking, coughing, and sneezing.  As soon as someone gets over something, someone else is starting up.  Prior to having kids, I would sometimes go a year or two without getting sick.  Now, I am getting over my third severe cold of the fall.  Just as I started feeling a little better on Saturday, I managed to puncture my hand with a screwdriver,  necessitating a trip to the hospital, a tetanus shot, some other big shot in the hip that was more painful than the injury, and a round of antibiotics . Despite being quite battle worn, we still managed to have a fun weekend.  We attended the Christmas Party for high order multiples in Southeast Michigan (thanks Susie) and got out to dinner with friends last night as well.  The kids are all talking like crazy lately and it's just so cute.  Lukas starting saying Ah-Puh-Puss (Octopus) which is the first 3 syllable for any of them, unless E-I-E-I-O counts as a five syllable word?  Anyway, it sure is great to be married to a professional photographer.


Chris said...

Yeah, us too.

Anonymous said...

What did you puncture your hand with? A rusty screwdriver that was stored at the bottom of a port-a-john?! Yikes! Antibiotics and a shot in the hip - that sounds serious! (We are glad you are married to a professional photographer too! The pictures are great!) Lisa D.