December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!


It seems we like to end the year on a rough note.  Last Christmas was the start of the stomach flu and butt explosion extravaganza.  Until recently, that was the hardest time since the babies came home from the hospital.  This Christmas, it's been topped. All three have been sick, again, since their 2nd birthday.  In fact, I am on my fourth cold since the beginning of October.  If only I could invent an engine that runs on diapers or boogers our family would be set for generations. For Gabbie and Lukas, this was just an ordinary cold.  Niklas, on the other hand, seems to have been transformed.  From the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to bed he whines for MOMMY!  He throws his food and won't eat.  He throws himself on the floor and bangs his head.  He tries to break everything in sight.  He slaps, hits, head-butts and bites. The moment MOMMY picks him up, he is content.  I have tried putting him in his crib until he calms down, but that seems to have the opposite effect.  In fact, when I tried this on Monday he got so angry that he developed super human baby strength and escaped from his crib.  THUD!  We are assuming that this is just the terrible twos, but with Niklas we always have shunt malfunction in the back of our minds.  I got to the point yesterday where I called Neurosurgery because we were both at the end of our ropes.  They did not think a shunt malfunction was occurring and told us that this sounds like typical 2 year old tantrums.  I think a couple of weeks ago I was posting about how great and easy the kids were being.  Life was grand. So now we are either dealing with demonic possession or typical toddler behavior. Should we call our priest?  I see a padded room and straight jacket in my future.  By the way, the last 2 posts were the front and back of our Christmas card this year.  At least the pictures are cute.

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!


The Myers Family

December 21, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!

2 years ago today...

Niklas (Baby A)

Gabriella (Baby B)

Lukas (Baby C)

A couple of days ago...

Niklas (Baby A)

Gabriella (Baby B)

Lukas (Baby C)

I am so glad that it is not 2 years ago. Thank God for such a wonderful miracle. Thanks to everyone who came over to visit, I will post pictures of the birthday celebration soon. It seems as though they have now figured out that there is cool stuff beneath the paper of wrapped boxes. We really haven't gotten them too many new toys since last year, so when some new stuff arrived it became clear how obviously bored they were with the old toys.

December 15, 2008

Tijuana Trio

I don't know what it is, but the kids dig Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.  I only wish that Niklas wouldn't be shy when the camera came on because his moves are stellar.  Yes, I know that Gabbie's diaper is disgustingly droopy.  You try changing 600 diapers a month and see how long you put it off!

December 14, 2008

First Haircuts

Not that we were avoiding the matter, but the kids finally got to the point where haircuts were necessary.   Luckily, Greta's friend Anastasia was gracious enough to come to our house and perform the deed.  I have heard from other parents that the first haircut can be a terrible experience and often involves restraining an hysterical, kicking and screaming child.  Since we were in the comfort of our own home and no clippers were involved, the process went as good as could be expected.  Due to past experience,  Niklas just doesn't like anyone touching his head and so he squirmed around quite a bit and Greta was unable to get a picture of him.  The cuts are cute, but seemed to age all of them about a year, especially Gabbie who got the most taken off.  The best part is that Niklas's shunt is nearly invisible now.

December 7, 2008

We Should Be Quarantined

It seems as though some member of the clan has been sick since the beginning of October.  All three of the kids are constantly leaking, coughing, and sneezing.  As soon as someone gets over something, someone else is starting up.  Prior to having kids, I would sometimes go a year or two without getting sick.  Now, I am getting over my third severe cold of the fall.  Just as I started feeling a little better on Saturday, I managed to puncture my hand with a screwdriver,  necessitating a trip to the hospital, a tetanus shot, some other big shot in the hip that was more painful than the injury, and a round of antibiotics . Despite being quite battle worn, we still managed to have a fun weekend.  We attended the Christmas Party for high order multiples in Southeast Michigan (thanks Susie) and got out to dinner with friends last night as well.  The kids are all talking like crazy lately and it's just so cute.  Lukas starting saying Ah-Puh-Puss (Octopus) which is the first 3 syllable for any of them, unless E-I-E-I-O counts as a five syllable word?  Anyway, it sure is great to be married to a professional photographer.