November 25, 2008

Strike One

Saturday, we took the kids to the mall to hang out in the play area and grab some lunch. Since it was not even Thanksgiving yet, we weren't necessarily in the mood to see Santa. Nevertheless, the mall was all but empty and the kids were in a good mood. We figured we could get a cute picture while the timing was right. Unfortunately, we were unable to get within 50 feet of Santa before Gabbie started trembling. The other two weren't too thrilled either. We didn't feel that a lifetime of therapy bills would be worth the photo opportunity, so we called it a day. Maybe we will give it another try before Christmas.

In other news, we briefly thought that Lukas was beginning to read. The other day he picked up a toy block with the letter W on it and yelled out "Double Uuuuuuuuuu". As it turns out, it was a coincidence as he apparently thinks every letter of the alphabet is W. The ABC song is all the rage right now, and when either of us sing it, we get a huge round of applause from all three at the end. It's actually very cute and quite hilarious. Finally, yesterday morning Niklas brought me my shoes while I was getting ready for work and said "Daddy's Shoes". It is just getting more fun everyday, especially since we have been going though a much deserved easy period lately. I literally can't wait to get home each day to see them.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, they are so big already! we miss them so much:>

Ieva and Julija