November 1, 2008

Halloween Recap

The past few years Kevin & I have been on a mission to scare trick or treaters.  We have had some success, but the volume of kids has always been disappointing.  This year, I was excited to take my kids to a few houses especially since it was such a nice night.  Unfortunately, the triplets don't quite get the whole trick or treat concept yet.  First, they (especially Niklas) are scared to death of all the costumes.  Kevin was "Scotch the Reality Clown" for about 5 minutes as it was all the triplets could take.  As you can see in one of the pictures that I have on a Boy Scout costume because that is all that the kids would tolerate.  Niklas could not even handle me wearing a wig.  He would just tremble and cry and say "all done!"  They are probably traumatized and will forever hate the holiday. They did, however, enjoy dressing up as monkeys and playing around so we got some good pictures.  It does figure that the one year I decide not to go all out and scare the trick or treaters we get 20 or so groups of kids. 


Anonymous said...

What great pictures. I'm glad it was so nice for them to go out. It looks like they had great fun playing in the leaves.

Don't worry Jason, you and Kevin will have many more years to scare the little kids

I can't believe your boy scout outfit still fits.

Love gramma

Mandy said...

Just found your blog - so wonderful. They are beautiful children and have come so far, you are truly blessed!! Looking forward to future updates!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you for sharing those pictures! They are the CUTEST trick-or-treaters! I'll have to show Mitchel the one of you in your scout uniform. He is one level away from Eagle but won't continue because he is embarrassed to wear the uniform! I'll never understand a teenager! Lisa D.