October 14, 2008

First Time Away

This past weekend, Greta and I had our first weekend away from the Triplets together!  We attended the wedding of our friends Kevin and Julie near Daytona Beach Florida.  Actually, we have been looking forward to this trip for almost a year now, and we didn't miss any opportunity to party it up.  I think Greta may still actually be sore from jumping up and down on the dance floor for 5 hours straight!  We left on Thursday morning, and upon waking up I started to feel a tickle in my throat.  I haven't been sick since the kids were in the NICU almost 2 years ago, and now I get a sore throat the morning of our first vacation together in ages.  I did not, however, let it slow me down in any way.  It was nothing that a few rum runners couldn't fix.

My parents were gracious enough to come down to our house and watch the kids for the weekend .  Thanks Mom and Dad!  If the trio wore them out, they didn't admit it.  The weirdest part about all of this is that we really didn't miss the kids.  That may sound terrible, but we knew that they were in good hands, and we hadn't been away in over 2 years.  After all we've been through, there was no time to spend missing anyone.  We enjoyed every minute of being away, and it was completely awesome and refreshing to see the monkeys when we returned on Sunday night.  Congratulations Kevin and Julie!


Allison said...

You guys are so darn cute and so deserving of this little trip. Mike and I went away for the first time when Janie was almost 7 and the boys almost two. It was amazing to realize how much we still liked each other. We now make a commitment to go somewhere every year. You should do the same!

Anonymous said...

Send your parents this way - Tim and I need a vacation too! I'm so glad you guys got to enjoy each other. Sometimes I miss Tim and I'm living right here with him! I just miss my "husband" Tim as he has to be the "dad" Tim now. You both look fantastic! Lisa D.

Kristin and Paul Dood said...

You both look amazing! So glad you got a chance to get away and enjoy yourselves...just the two of you!