October 1, 2008

Fall Is Here

This past weekend my Sister Sarah trekked to Michigan, from Hoyt Lakes Minnesota, to attend a wedding.  Since my parents were also attending, the three of them stayed with us for the weekend.  In the spirit of family, my Brother Ben and his wife Emily came over for a filet mignon BBQ on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous Michigan weekend, the type of weather for which people live in this state.  On Friday, we took a trip to Wiards Orchard in Ypsilanti Township. The kids were fascinated by the animals and the hayride, albeit a little scared at first.  Fall is here, and today it seems we made the transition rather quickly.


Anonymous said...

I check this blog daily for updates and when these pictures popped up I made an audible, "Awww." What a great weekend! I always say that you work so hard every day doing the boring hum drum cooking, laundry, wiping tables and behinds but when you get to go somewhere fun, it makes the hum drum so worth it! Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun with the babies. Is it just me or does Lukas look like he's in jail?


Hanselman Family said...

How wonderful!! Our family friend’s [Pastor Z] lives next to the parking lot at Wiards. Isn’t it a great place! Sarah looks wonderful! Although, I do get her & your Mom mixed up when looking at the pictures. =D Look how mature Gabbie looks.

Kristin and Paul Dood said...

The kids are beautiful! What fun! They are so big! You two are amazing parents and such an inspiration to us!!