September 22, 2008

Climb Aboard The Crazy Train!

Still working on that Lithuania video. Thing is, I can't find the time. The triplets are on a mission to defeat their parents. There is no doubt that they are intentionally trying to destroy us. Today was a day of full on tantrums. Sometimes tantrums are just tantrums. Other times, they are a full blown showdown between parent and child. They escalate to a battle of wits, a psychological war, a game of chicken that can make a 34 grown up stoop to the level of a 2 year old. You see, when your kid is throwing a tantrum you don't want to give in, but more often than not, here is how it goes down.
  1. Kid lays lifeless on the floor, grocery isle or neighborhood road.
  2. Kid cries in such a way as to convince you that death is imminent if you do not respond.
  3. Parent ignores kid and keeps walking as to not give in.
  4. Kid flops around dramatically, usually cries and screams louder.
  5. Parent says "bye bye, see you later", and tries to convince the child that they have no problem abandoning them.
  6. Kid flops and flops and flops.
  7. Parent tries to hide behind a car, grocery isle or neighbors house as to create the illusion of abandonment.
  8. Kid goes into full on convulsion.
  9. Parent decides that a kid laying in the middle of the street or grocery isle is not worth the public humiliation and walks back to recover kid.
  10. Kid laughs hysterically, obviously declaring victory.
  11. Kid gets put to bed, parents resort to drinking.
Pictured is our new, American made, Step2 wagon. The kids will no longer tolerate the triple jogger, but enjoy this (at least for the moment). Lukas however, was the first to fall out of it today. I hope this week improves.


Allison said...

This is when you begin to say daily "good thing they are cute" and "at least they go to bed!" Great story!

Welcome to the next two years of your life. Maybe they need to come and visit me for a day and give mommy and daddy a break!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe my babies are bad. Maybe they are reacting to the ugly U of M clothing Kevin bought them and they're affraid you're going to dress them in maize and gold.

-Auntie Sarah

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant maize and blue. Just thinking about U of M makes me dumb.

Hanselman Family said...

Did you watch Lucas fall out of the wagon and not be able to catch him LIKE MOST PARENTS DO!! Scrapes and scabs! With trikes and wagons most kids look abused and there us parents stand, “I saw it happen and I couldn’t get to them fast enough.”
Good luck with the TT. Wait until they have a cell phone and can call every few minutes, from upstairs, to scream & cry.