August 29, 2008


It's been over two weeks since I left for Lithuania. The trip has been such a good time that it seems like I have only been here for a few days. It's been over six weeks that Greta, the Triplets and I have been out of our regular routine. At this point, I think we are wearing a little thin. This trip has been a ton of fun, but a month and a half disruption of a well established routine for three kids under the age of 2 is a challenge to say the least. Greta and I are very tired, but Lithuania is a very relaxing place, so it evens out. There was a bit of rain, however, we still managed to work in plenty of trips to the park and the beach. Sunday we make the trek home and I hope to put together a video of the entire trip. All in all we have had a wonderful time here, and we can't thank Irena and Dailius enough for all they have done for us. I can imagine that they are equally tired from having 3 little kids in their formerly peaceful house.

In regards to the title of this post, I asked Niklas the other day if he would like some pancakes, to which he replied "Mancakes". I think he is confusing a breakfast food with something he saw in Speedos on the beach at the Baltic Sea. These guys crack me up.


Shannon said...

They have gotten so big! I hope that you all have an uneventful, sleepy and boring trip home :)

Hanselman Family said...

LOL! The kids are getting BIG. Great pictures.
Barb & Amie

Anonymous said...

I've seen Lukas in the trunk and dishwasher. Glad he made it home o.k. Missed them lots and can't wait to see them.