August 8, 2008

Counting The Days

I received these pictures yesterday and the kids already look different to me. Apparently, they are talking up a storm, drinking out of drink boxes, and walking is second nature now. Two and a half weeks is just too long, and I am counting the days until I see my wife and kids again. I think they miss me too. Greta tells me that every time the phone rings Gabbie says "Dah-tee, Dah-tee". Also, she said that Niklas found a picture with me in it and reacted the same way. It's good to know they haven't forgotten me.


Anonymous said...

They can't get any cuter! Lisa D.

The Buckley Family said...

Are you keeping yourself busy, hopefully with some fun things besides just work? Hang in there, not too much longer until you can see that precious trio!

Kevin Currie said...

It is gonna be great when you get over there and your entire family is making fun of you in Lithuanian and you can't understand any of it. AHAHAHAHQ!

Anonymous said...

I miss my babies, September is too long to wait. When you get to Lithuania give them lots of hugs and kisses for me.

Love Auntie Sarah

Hanselman Family said...

Wendie didn’t make it to Dani’s wedding so we had extra food. I told your Mom, you should have come out to play with Steve, Tim, & Gary. ;)
Your children are SO cute they must be having so much fun in Lithuania. Just wait just you get there!