August 29, 2008


It's been over two weeks since I left for Lithuania. The trip has been such a good time that it seems like I have only been here for a few days. It's been over six weeks that Greta, the Triplets and I have been out of our regular routine. At this point, I think we are wearing a little thin. This trip has been a ton of fun, but a month and a half disruption of a well established routine for three kids under the age of 2 is a challenge to say the least. Greta and I are very tired, but Lithuania is a very relaxing place, so it evens out. There was a bit of rain, however, we still managed to work in plenty of trips to the park and the beach. Sunday we make the trek home and I hope to put together a video of the entire trip. All in all we have had a wonderful time here, and we can't thank Irena and Dailius enough for all they have done for us. I can imagine that they are equally tired from having 3 little kids in their formerly peaceful house.

In regards to the title of this post, I asked Niklas the other day if he would like some pancakes, to which he replied "Mancakes". I think he is confusing a breakfast food with something he saw in Speedos on the beach at the Baltic Sea. These guys crack me up.

August 22, 2008

Family Reunion

I pulled into the driveway of Greta's parent's place to find the trio standing in the driveway with Ieva and Julija (our wonderful helpers). They had sort of a confused look on their face, and obviously had no idea that I was pulling into the driveway. I got out of the car to somewhat of a cold and confused reaction. The babies had just gotten up from their nap and didn't seem to really understand what was happening. After a minute or two, Niklas ran over and hugged me. Shortly after, Lukas followed. It seemed like 10 minutes or so before Gabbie decided that I was once again worthy of her love and waddled over to greet me with a huge smile.

They have changed so much in the past three weeks. When they left, walking was such a new and challenging activity. Now, it is second nature. Either their little voices changed a little bit, or they just sounded strange to me from not hearing them for so long. Embarrasingly enough, I think their Lithuanian vocabulary has exceeded mine. They are doing so many new things in just a short period of time. they now drink out of a straw, try to eat with a fork, will kick a ball around the back yard and now attempt to express what they want (although unsucessful attempts now yield the dreaded TANTRUM!). Niklas will run across the floor and wipe out. Greta and I will say "Are you okay, Niklas?", to which he responds "OK, OK" in his little midget voice. All three of them discovered the balloon, which they fondly call a boon. They can even signal when they want food or something to drink.

I am enjoying every single second with these little munchkins right now and am completely amazed at what they have turned into in the past year and a half. No doubt, there are new and exhausting challenges. The best part, however, is that they now truly express their love and affection for Greta and I. I have been ordered to tell everyone that the pictures in this post are merely snapshots and are no way to be interpreted as a reflection of Greta's art. More to come...

August 14, 2008

August 8, 2008

Counting The Days

I received these pictures yesterday and the kids already look different to me. Apparently, they are talking up a storm, drinking out of drink boxes, and walking is second nature now. Two and a half weeks is just too long, and I am counting the days until I see my wife and kids again. I think they miss me too. Greta tells me that every time the phone rings Gabbie says "Dah-tee, Dah-tee". Also, she said that Niklas found a picture with me in it and reacted the same way. It's good to know they haven't forgotten me.