July 30, 2008

I Miss My Family

Don't get me wrong, a break is nice. I am accomplishing things that never would have been if it were business as usual. If Greta and the kids had been gone for a week, I actually might have been excited about this whole thing. In excess of three weeks, however, is a long time to go without seeing my kids and wife. Greta tells me that the triplets are really blossoming on their trip overseas, and that makes me very happy. Not to mention, they are all masters of walking at this point. I don't even have new pictures because the whole clan is vacationing in Palanga on the Baltic Sea, far away from the internet. I miss you all and can't wait to see you.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you! This is going to be quite a break. I used to go 2 weeks a summer without Tim and I wasn't wild about it but the kids were having so much fun it was worth it. Can you imagine being in the military? Once I had kids, the sacrifices those people make became so much more real to me. I hope you stay busy - you'll appreciate getting those little things done come the end of summer when you are all home together. Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

I miss the babies a lot too. Can't wait till they are home.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Jason,

I am a friend of Indre and I visited her yesterday in Palanga! So today I decided: now I finally have to write here, because up to now I was too shy somehow :-) I was following your blog from the very begining and yesterday was a big day for me: I met Greta and your babies!!! It was really special moment to see them in the middle of the nice meadow in the park, playing around, eating cookies :-)!!! They are so cute and so big already! And the nicest thing is that they speak Lithuanian :-)! It was something special to see Greta and babies so healthy and happy after all you have gone through! Wishing you that the rest "alone" days go fast and you can meet your family in Lithuania! Ramune

Jason Myers said...


I don't normally comment on my own blog, but thanks for the message. I can see on the map that there are many international visitors and it's nice to finally hear from one. How exciting that you had a chance to meet the kids! I am counting the days until I leave on my trip.

Shannon said...

It has to be tough without your wobbly family around. Hang in there. Enjoy your trip!