July 23, 2008

World Travelers

Greta is a brave and strong woman. Our motto with the triplets has always been "shoot first and ask questions later". Greta and I have always had the attitude that we should live life as if it didn't matter we had to pack for three babies. Yesterday, I dropped Greta, her mother and the Triplets off at the airport to embark on their 6 week adventure to Lithuania. To make a long story short, the 17 hour trip was rough. Apparently, the kids behaved okay, but they didn't sleep much and Greta was covered in puke shortly into the flight. Nonetheless, everyone is in Vilnius safe and sound with many anxious cousins ready to play with the babies. The trio will undoubtedly recover from the jet lag much quicker than Greta.

And that leaves me alone in Ypsilanti. If this had been a one week reprieve from triplet fatherhood, I would have been ecstatic. A separation this long is going to be hard. I already miss having my family in our house, even our (emotionally disturbed) dog is staying with our gracious friend Amy. I have resorted to becoming a workaholic and am trying to keep as busy as possible. I miss all of you and can't wait to see you. My sister-in-law, Indre, provided me with video of their first hours overseas.

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Anonymous said...

Keep the international updates coming! It is so weird to think of those little guys being half-way around the world! We are thinking about you, Jason, and hoping you are staying sane without all the commotion you are so used to. Lisa D.