July 21, 2008

Congrats Sarah & Adam!

It seems like a lifetime has occurred in the past week. Grandma Irena came to visit from Lithuania, the babies started walking, and my little sister got married to a stand up guy. The wedding was a blast, although exhausting managing triplet logistics. I must say, however, that they were total angels the entire time.

Over the course of the weekend we thought we lost Niklas in our hotel room. Greta kept asking "Where is Niklas?" and I would respond "He's around here somewhere". I mean, the door weighs like 25 pounds, where in the heck could he go? I thought that maybe he was in the bathroom, or under the bed. Greta finally opened our hotel room door to find Niklas all the way down the hall playing with some random 2 year old girl. He escaped! Every new stage is a challenge I guess. It's different having walking children. When they were learning, they wanted to hold our hands. Now, they want nothing to do with us and scatter in 3 different directions. All they wanted to do was walk all weekend, except when it came time to actually do so down the aisle.

Anyway, Sarah was a beautiful bride and Adam somehow managed to stay glued together. It was a fantastic night as we let the kids roam free amongst the many guests at the reception. The usual suspects from the cottage were there to party, dance and keep our little ones occupied for the night. Adam, we are sorry, but all of the pictures that contain you were not flattering to my sister, so to keep the bride happy we omitted them! The last picture above is from our night out at the local Mexican restaurant prior to the wedding.


Kevin Currie said...

Look how handsome in the tux! I'm talking about Grandpa Bob, of course!

Anonymous said...

The weekend was great! It was nice to finally meet Greta and the triplets. Of course, it was fun partying with Jason and Ben, too! Nothing like the old days of dolls and chocolate in underware, but just as fun!


Hanselman Family said...

OH MY! It’s true! I called Gary over to see the wedding pictures and he starts telling me, in his husband voice, “There is NO GROOM in that picture!”
He did think everyone look wonderful and did admit he missed another [and last] great Meyer wedding. Ahhh. Until the triplets grow up.
Amie took a Cat Nap until 5am, when she had to babysit, and nook naps with the boys when they laid down on Sunday. ;) She was dragging after her long run on the dance floor.
Barb [from the cottage.]

Anonymous said...

What a great wedding! We love to party with the Myers - especially our littlest guy! Who knew we bred such a party animal? The blog pics are GREAT! Adam looked very handsome at the wedding - you need more wedding pictures in here! Oh, I miss you all. We've seen more of you in the last month than we ever have and now we are home in Mt. Clemens to only read about your lives. Keep us posted on Lithuania. Lisa D.