July 6, 2008

Independence Day

A week ago today, Greta took the kids up to my parent's place in Cadillac for an entire week.  I didn't head up there until last Wednesday night, which explains the void in the blog.  I had never spent more than a night away from Greta and the kids since they were born and, quite frankly, it was a nice little break.  By the time Wednesday rolled around, however, I was dying to see my little family again.

Our neighbors in Cadillac, Mackenzie, Madison, Amy and Morgan (hereafter referred to as "the girls") played with the triplets almost constantly. Not only did that make it seem like a real vacation for Greta and I, but the kids just loved it. They laughed and screamed with joy like we have never seen and would get hyper excited when the girls would come over each day.  The girls also started a walking competition amongst the 3 after getting Niklas to take some of his first steps (video to come).  All in all it was a great week, and it was fun to see our kids up North playing, just like I did up there over 30 years ago.  Greta and I managed to go out to eat one night and were able to see the Cadillac fireworks on the pontoon thanks to the baby sitting services of my Dad.  Thanks for having us up and letting the Myers tornadoes trash your cottage!  


Anonymous said...

We are still up north and "the girls" are so bored they have been tempted to go over and play with Bob! Thank you for sharing the cutest babies in the world with us! They were so much more fun than playing dolls! The Davis Family

Anonymous said...

I miss the oatmeal in the hair and the screeching that resembled the BeeGees. Oh and I can't forget the wiggles :) Anyways, Greta was asking about our email adresses and I didn't get to give her mine. It's Amie2011@Aol.com. Thanks and have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much for letting me play with the triplets! I had so much fun. You know me I will listen to the wiggles when ever possible. haha Can't wait to see them again.


Hanselman Family said...

I guess it shows my age that I had a relaxing time at the cottage in Cadillac in that my daughter, Amie, was over with “the babies” all the time. I saw little of her as she was … see blog.
Well, Jason, we learned to walk at the cottage, we learned to swim in Lake Mitchell, and we spent summers running around with the neighbor kids at the cottage. For three babies that had a very rough & scary start it’s nice to see them have a very normal Independence Day like their Dad did when he was little!
Amie's Mom [Barb]