July 30, 2008

I Miss My Family

Don't get me wrong, a break is nice. I am accomplishing things that never would have been if it were business as usual. If Greta and the kids had been gone for a week, I actually might have been excited about this whole thing. In excess of three weeks, however, is a long time to go without seeing my kids and wife. Greta tells me that the triplets are really blossoming on their trip overseas, and that makes me very happy. Not to mention, they are all masters of walking at this point. I don't even have new pictures because the whole clan is vacationing in Palanga on the Baltic Sea, far away from the internet. I miss you all and can't wait to see you.

July 23, 2008

World Travelers

Greta is a brave and strong woman. Our motto with the triplets has always been "shoot first and ask questions later". Greta and I have always had the attitude that we should live life as if it didn't matter we had to pack for three babies. Yesterday, I dropped Greta, her mother and the Triplets off at the airport to embark on their 6 week adventure to Lithuania. To make a long story short, the 17 hour trip was rough. Apparently, the kids behaved okay, but they didn't sleep much and Greta was covered in puke shortly into the flight. Nonetheless, everyone is in Vilnius safe and sound with many anxious cousins ready to play with the babies. The trio will undoubtedly recover from the jet lag much quicker than Greta.

And that leaves me alone in Ypsilanti. If this had been a one week reprieve from triplet fatherhood, I would have been ecstatic. A separation this long is going to be hard. I already miss having my family in our house, even our (emotionally disturbed) dog is staying with our gracious friend Amy. I have resorted to becoming a workaholic and am trying to keep as busy as possible. I miss all of you and can't wait to see you. My sister-in-law, Indre, provided me with video of their first hours overseas.

July 21, 2008

Congrats Sarah & Adam!

It seems like a lifetime has occurred in the past week. Grandma Irena came to visit from Lithuania, the babies started walking, and my little sister got married to a stand up guy. The wedding was a blast, although exhausting managing triplet logistics. I must say, however, that they were total angels the entire time.

Over the course of the weekend we thought we lost Niklas in our hotel room. Greta kept asking "Where is Niklas?" and I would respond "He's around here somewhere". I mean, the door weighs like 25 pounds, where in the heck could he go? I thought that maybe he was in the bathroom, or under the bed. Greta finally opened our hotel room door to find Niklas all the way down the hall playing with some random 2 year old girl. He escaped! Every new stage is a challenge I guess. It's different having walking children. When they were learning, they wanted to hold our hands. Now, they want nothing to do with us and scatter in 3 different directions. All they wanted to do was walk all weekend, except when it came time to actually do so down the aisle.

Anyway, Sarah was a beautiful bride and Adam somehow managed to stay glued together. It was a fantastic night as we let the kids roam free amongst the many guests at the reception. The usual suspects from the cottage were there to party, dance and keep our little ones occupied for the night. Adam, we are sorry, but all of the pictures that contain you were not flattering to my sister, so to keep the bride happy we omitted them! The last picture above is from our night out at the local Mexican restaurant prior to the wedding.

July 15, 2008

They've Walked The Line

It's constantly something new these days!  Walking is a way of life.   Grandma Irena is here visiting from Lithuania, and her Grandbabies are no longer babies.  As of today, walking is the preferred mode of transportation for Gabbie.  Niklas walks most of the time, and Lukas when he feels like it.  I know it seems like I say the same thing on this blog all the time, but I can't believe the little creatures in incubators have become this!  All of my prayers have been answered. Praise God!  

July 9, 2008

More Pictures

The past weekend was such a milestone for the babies I wanted to post a few more pictures.  All they did for 7 days straight was play and have fun.  I still have a hard time believing how far they have come.

July 6, 2008

Independence Day

A week ago today, Greta took the kids up to my parent's place in Cadillac for an entire week.  I didn't head up there until last Wednesday night, which explains the void in the blog.  I had never spent more than a night away from Greta and the kids since they were born and, quite frankly, it was a nice little break.  By the time Wednesday rolled around, however, I was dying to see my little family again.

Our neighbors in Cadillac, Mackenzie, Madison, Amy and Morgan (hereafter referred to as "the girls") played with the triplets almost constantly. Not only did that make it seem like a real vacation for Greta and I, but the kids just loved it. They laughed and screamed with joy like we have never seen and would get hyper excited when the girls would come over each day.  The girls also started a walking competition amongst the 3 after getting Niklas to take some of his first steps (video to come).  All in all it was a great week, and it was fun to see our kids up North playing, just like I did up there over 30 years ago.  Greta and I managed to go out to eat one night and were able to see the Cadillac fireworks on the pontoon thanks to the baby sitting services of my Dad.  Thanks for having us up and letting the Myers tornadoes trash your cottage!