June 12, 2008

Wonderful Mediocrity

I haven't put together a video in a while, probably because life seems like it's busier than usual. The kids are in a completely different phase, which makes some things easier and some things harder. They still aren't walking yet but, as you will see in parts of the video, they are really close. Earlier this week we took the triplets to their one year "evaluation" at the St. Joseph Mercy Developmental Clinic. The run them through a battery of activities to test their fine motor, gross motor and problem solving skills. At the end of all of this evaluation I heard the most wonderful words ever...."All of your kids are about average in every area".   In addition, our speech therapist came to the house a couple of days later to evaluate their speaking.  Again, all of them scored average.  After all the triplets have been through, after all of the brain surgeries that Niklas has endured, my kids are average. God indeed works miracles, and the fact that my kids are "average" proves it! Greta and I can too easily remember those long days in the NICU wondering if our life could ever possibly be normal. We are very, very blessed and fortunate and I try to thank God every day for all of it.


Anonymous said...

I love you babies and miss you so much!! I can't believe how big you are!! Tell Mommy and Daddy thank you for making a video, Uncle Adam and I love them!!!

Auntie Sarah

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go shopping with Gabbie and buy cookies. It looks like everyone is enjoying their summer. Can't wait to see you guys.

Love granny

The Buckley Family said...

Don't you just love "average" and "normal"!! That's great news! We have another NICU grad evaluation coming up in July. Eventhough I feel like we're very aware of our kids development thru Early On those appointments still make me nervous.