May 26, 2008

Up North, Year 2

The first night I visited the babies in the NICU I had an experience that I will never forget and that changed my outlook on everything.  I was in complete shock looking at all the machines, doctors, nurses and lights that first night as our little babies were in incubators fighting for their lives.  At that very moment I decided that I was not strong enough to handle any of this, so I prayed.  I made a decision to hand the outcome of this over to God because I could easily see I had absolutely no control over the situation and no amount of worry was going to help us out.  I told Him that this was all is his court because I could not deal with it.  At that very moment, I had an peculiarly comforting feeling wash over my entire being that seemed to be telling me that everything was going to be okay.

For the most part, that moment carried me through that whole experience, but there were many exceptions.  When we found out about Niklas's brain bleed, we were told it could be a year or two before we would know what kind of effect this whole thing would have on him.  I would be lying if I said that I wasn't worried sick, but I did keep reminding myself of that moment in the NICU.  Coming home with three tiny, sickly looking babies on oxygen caused me to question things more than once, but here we are almost 1.5 years later.  Things are not perfect, but I have said before that perfection is boring.  I try to never forget how blessed we are that the triplets outcome has been as good as it has.

So here we are, year 2 at the cottage with the Triplets (click here for year 1).  Gabbie is once again sporting her bikini, and I keep thinking that there are about 10 more summers in which I will think bikinis are cute on her.  We spent the weekend cruising around on my parents pontoon boat, and all 3 couldn't get enough.  In fact, this weekend was the best Lukas has ever been.  He was completely sublime on the boat, just sitting there with a smirk on his face (NO, he wasn't REALLY drinking Miller Lite).  Every time Lukas sees a bird he screams "Guk, Guk, Guk Guk" in a high pitched voice at the top of his lungs.  I am not sure what that means, but he sure does love birds.  Niklas actually took a ride on the jet ski and was giggling just about the whole time.  We never went any faster than idle speeds, but he loved just about every minute of it.  I am no longer the father of preemie triplets, I am the father of three rambunctious kids. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting our little tornado rip up your cottage. Mackenzie, if you are reading this, you were greatly missed!!


Kevin Currie said...

Lukas is such a light weight. Miller Light? C'mon man, you are better than that. What would your Lithuanian Grandfather say. I'll bring some good beer next time. Also, I giggle while riding a jet ski too.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed having the tornadoes this weekend and look forward to many more boat trips.

P.S. Keep Lukas away from Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie is reading this with me right now. I didn't even tell her you were up there till our weekend of camping with church friends (17 trailers) was over. I had to make sure she had fun camping before I told her what she was missing. I am to ask you when you will be up again. We will be there the first 2 weeks in June, then the week of June 21. We absolutely can't wait to see you all again! Lisa and Mackenzie