May 15, 2008

Toddlerville *Updated*

Over the past few weeks it seems as though it's been something new just about everyday. Dancing is all the rage with the trio these days. Lukas will giggle and wildly swing his arms back and forth while twisting his torso. Gabbie likes to stand up, lean against a wall or chair and shake her booty back and forth. Niklas enjoys bouncing up and down while performing a "raise the roof" type motion usually while leaning up against a piece of furniture. However, on a couple of different occasions, I have caught him doing this hands free. Unfortunately, as soon as he realizes that he is standing he gets weak in the knees and sits down. These guys are all really close to walking right now.

Gabbie is shaping up to be the talker in the family and it's looking like she is happy to take on the "life of the party" role. She says "Buh-Bye" and waves her hand at every passing stranger whether they are coming or going and charms them almost every time. It seems as though "Buh-Bye" is equivalent to aloha in her mind. Another one of her other new words is...drum roll please...DADDY! I can't help it, I love it and absolutely turn to butter every time she says it to me. The girl has me completely wrapped around her finger. Other words in her vocabulary include Buhd (bird) and Gucky which means Yucky or Ducky depending on context. Niklas's favorites are Wow and No, which I suspect he may be using defiantly. Lukas is the quiet one, although he has his moments of babbling.
UPDATE - I just realized that in the previous paragraph I called Lukas the quiet one. The kid who was about to drive Greta and I insane a few weeks ago, the kid whose scream I'm sure caused our internal organs to bleed is now the quiet one. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they were saying "gamma"

Kevin Currie said...

I'm pretty sure I heard "GO BLUE" last time I was over. If not, they will be saying it when I am done with them.