April 24, 2008

Frick, Frack and Daisy

The weather in Michigan has been perfect this past week so we have taken every opportunity to spend time outside. As a result, the family has regained mental stability. A few weeks back, Lukas was screaming constantly and I think Greta was considering fleeing the country. All of the sudden, the sun comes out and our whole world changes. During the day, everyone plays outside as much as possible. Each day when I come home from work, we take the babies for a walk and go to the neighborhood playground. Lukas loves every piece of equipment and squeals with joy while playing on them. Niklas is about 50/50, some things he likes while others make him nervous. Gabbie is a complete chicken and won't even try any of it. As soon as we get close to a piece of equipment she clings, digs her nails into me and starts crying. She is absolutely petrified.

It's so nice to be in relaxed mode again. There is nothing better than watching happy triplets at play, as each of their personalities are so different. It's still weird to me that one year ago we had just gotten rid of the oxygen tanks and today they are playing outside and getting dirty. Greta and I continue to thank God for the blessings of the staff at St. Joe's and the modern advances in neonatal medicine. Without the treatments our kids received in the hospital, life for them would undoubtedly be much different. Many of these medical advances are largely due to the March of Dimes. This Sunday we are participating in the "March for Babies" walk at Hudson Mills MetroPark to raise money for this wonderful organization. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us so far, and if you haven't sponsored us yet, there is still time. If you live in the Ann Arbor area, come walk with us on Sunday.

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HMB said...

I LOVE these pictures, Jason. I'm running the Komen on Sunday otherwise I would love to walk with y'all. I seem to remember an invitation to watch you grill on your Weber while playing with cute triplets. I'm hoping that could happen soon. Let me know :o)