March 17, 2008

Niklas's Homecoming

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Niklas coming home from the hospital. We went through a lot with that kid. There were the surgeries, the tests, and all of the the waiting. We had to deal with this condition and that condition and all of the "what if's". I'll never forget the night that Greta and I drove home from the hospital sobbing and thinking that Niklas wasn't going to make it. The one thing that persisted through all of it was his determination and his smile. Niklas refused to be sedated, he refused to quit and he has totally beaten the odds. There is no doubt in my mind that a miracle resulted from the prayer and positive thought of all our family and friends. Niklas is a very, very special boy and anyone who has met him and been infected by his cheerful demeanor can attest to that.

Today, Niklas is an absolute joy! The kid is almost always happy and makes me laugh every day. He always wants to play and thinks that I am the funniest man on earth. I love being greeted by the triplets each day I come home, and Niklas always gives me a huge smile. Yesterday, Grandma and Grandpa brought him back home. He was so happy that he couldn't stop talking all day. I wish the other two were also in happy mode right now, but they are not. I think that Gabbie and Lukas (especially Lukas) are trying to put Greta in the nut house. She now wears the protective headphones (The ones I wear while using my chainsaw) around the house to muffle Lukas's screams. This is no joke, this scream is going to beat us. We weathered the pregnancy, the NICU, the oxygen, and the surgeries. In the end it will be the scream that does us in. In the picture, Niklas is on the right with the blond hair sticking up.


Anonymous said...

I want to see a picture of Greta with the headphones on! Lisa D.

Anonymous said...

I never dreamed that Niklas would be doing so good one year later. I hoped for it, and was optimistic about it, but still not quite sure what the future held for him. What a great Easter gift.



The Buckley Family said...

I thank God every day for our little fighters! It is very encouraging to see how well Niklas has done, I pray that Annabel follows his lead!

Câmera Digital said...
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