March 7, 2008

Lukas's Homecoming

I remember when Gabbie came home how freaked out we were that we had a baby at home on oxygen. Lukas and Niklas were still in the hospital and I was somewhat hopeful that if they stayed a little while longer they wouldn't need theirs. Nevertheless, baby number 2 came home one year ago today, complete with a tank and 50 ft. cord. Lukas has come along way in the last 12 months, and although he is still the smallest, his spirit is anything but. Lukas was the first to laugh, the first to sit and the first to crawl. He has not been able to sit still since he was pretty much conceived. The picture above is from the day Lukas came home, the video below is from yesterday when he learned to climb the stairs. This was actually a second take and I think he was a little tired out. The first time, he ripped from bottom to top, laughing the whole way. For some reason, this does not make Gabbie happy.


Anonymous said...

Gabbie does not like to be left behind, she wants to be the leader up the stairs.

Jason Myers said...

I know! I thought exactly the same thing. The next day, Gabbie learned to climb the stairs too!