February 9, 2008

Catch Up

A couple of weeks back, we had a visit from physical therapy. We discovered that Lukas was right on track for his adjusted age and that Gabbie and Niklas were a bit behind. I think this sub-par report may have lit the fire of competition under them because no sooner than Pam leaving our house did those two start making progress. One of the big milestones, even bigger than crawling, is the ability to move back and forth between the sitting and lying down positions. Apparently, this takes an incredible amount of coordination so it is considered a pretty big step. Two weeks ago, neither Gabbie nor Niklas were doing this. Now they are both making these movements with ease. Although I was not here for the PT appointment, Greta told me that Pam was very excited, almost shocked, at the progress those two have made in the last 2 weeks. The prayers are much appreciated.

Gabbie started to crawl sometime last week and Niklas began to show his frustration at the fact that the other two could do something he could not. He wanted to crawl very badly, and last night he finally figured out the army crawl. Today, he moved across the floor to get his precious binky. Everyone has now learned to get down from the couch by rolling on to their stomach and sliding off. Niklas and Lukas are both pulling up on things and standing. Gabbie now says "Bye Bye Mama". It seems like something new is happening almost daily.

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Shannon said...

The babies are beautiful! I am so glad that you guys have Pam. She is wonderful but it sounds like they are doing great all around anyway. Gabby talking? Wow!