February 1, 2008

Little People

One year ago today, Niklas was returned to St. Joe's after his first brain surgery at U of M. I remember he had what seemed to be a giant bubble on the front of his head that looked as if it would never go away. Gabbie and Lukas were co-bedded for the first time, although we were doubtful it would last because Lukas was having a hard time maintaining his body temperature outside of the incubator. The babies weighed 13 lbs. combined!

I don't think there is a day that goes by where Greta and I don't thank God for this miracle. I am also glad that, for the most part, we were given the strength to enjoy our babies and shift focus away from what "could be". In the last post I mentioned how Gabbie and Niklas were a bit behind. Sometime between then and now, Gabbie started crawling, Niklas began getting up on all fours and rocking, and Lukas began pulling up on things and standing. They also had their first taste of Greta's slowly roasted leg of lamb and wild rice today. To our surprise they really enjoyed it and I am sure they will soon be food snobs. The trio continues to amaze me and give me deep belly laughs. Now, when people ask what it's like to have triplets my response is "absurd". Our life is completely ridiculous and it's awesome!

In the picture above, the trio is propped on the window sill. In my imaginary world, they are staring out the window waiting for me to come home from work.


Allison said...

Such a great picture! We love slow roasted leg of lamb at our house too!

Anonymous said...

In my perfict world they are waiting for grandma and grandpa. What a great picture.

Anonymous said...

They aren't waiting for someone - they are trying to escape!!