January 26, 2008

Water Assault

Lately the babies have been taking two sub par naps per day at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., so we tried combining the two. Yesterday morning, we took a trip to Urban Toddler in Saline during their nap time. They had an absolute blast there, and could've cared less about missing sleep. This place was like the ultimate finished basement for toddlers. There was a play grocery store, firehouse, classroom, theatre (with stage), kitchen and an area designed for babies our size. It was like a really hip Chuckie Cheeze with a coffee shop/cafe for all of the Moms to hang out. I was one of two dads that were there.

Today was day 2 of the combination nap, and things started to get dicey around 10:30 a.m. I figured that a bath would calm everybody down and kill 45 minutes or so. Up until now, we have been using a plastic tub that sits inside our bathtub and have bathed the triplets individually. Today I figured we'd take a stab at putting all 3 in the regular tub at once. We were a little nervous because we tend to think of these guys as smaller than they are, but as you can see the results were hilarious.

In other news, early on came to our house on Thursday. Lukas is right where he should be for an adjusted 10 month old, as far as crawling and sitting are concerned. Gabbie and Niklas are a little bit behind at about 8 month old milestones. The good news is that they are not exhibiting any abnormal movements, they are just a little behind. I think this has more to do with personality than anything else. Lukas has not been able to sit still from day one, in fact he couldn't stand being in the womb anymore. Niklas and Gabbie are very mellow and content babies. They are happy just sitting there with a toy and hanging out. Greta now puts Gabbie in a laundry basket in the kitchen while she is cooking. As long as she has a toy and some Cheerios, she is happy as a clam.


Anonymous said...

All is good until you find an unexpected brown "toy" floating in there! Been there, done that! We watch your videos with big smiles in anticipation of seeing them again! Lisa D. and Mackenzie

Sue and John Currie said...

How wonderful to see how well all of you are doing. The blog has been a great way to keep up. Thanks for continuing to write. We look forward to meeting your little ones before they are old enough for school.

Anonymous said...

My favorite video thus far!!! I wish you could post one everyday, but I'll settle for once a week. If these guys love the bath tub, wait till they go up north this summer-yay!!!

Love Auntie Sarah

Anonymous said...

PS Can the next video be of Gabbie Poo in the laundry basket?!!

Auntie Sarah