January 21, 2008

Just Having Fun

Things have been pretty uneventful since the New Year, and that's quite all right by us. The kids have picked up the latest cold going around, but that is nothing compared to the stomach ailment we recently faced. The babies are entertaining each other more, holding their bottles and becoming easier to manage all the time. There are different challenges, such as their weight. At about 20 lbs. a piece, Greta and I are getting in shape carrying them around and trying to keep up with them. They definitely create more of a mess with all of their toys, but they are much less demanding than they were this fall. 

All 3 are really in a fun phase right now (about 10 months adjusted) and are very animated. Lukas is crawling around, causing trouble and constantly getting into things. Niklas now tries to walk if you hold both of his hands. Gabbie gets up on all fours and tries to crawl and will dance whenever her favorite music is on. All of them have teeth galore coming in, and their appetites are impressive as well. As we look back over 2007, we don't really miss the first half of it.  The fun didn't really begin until mid-summer, but now it's just a blast.  The reception I get each evening upon returning from work makes me laugh no matter what kind of day I had.   The picture above is from Grandma and Grandpa's visit last weekend.


Kevin Currie said...

How did the Dad from happy days get in that picture with your Mom and the kids?

Anonymous said...

Thank God those genes from the grandparents weren't passed on to the kids.

Marion Cunningham

Yogi Curtis said...

Where's The Fonz?