January 6, 2008

A Clean Start To '08

I think the past week might have been the toughest since the triplets have been home, even worse than having oxygen tanks. For almost an entire week, all three babies had it severely coming out of both ends. Some days, each kid got 4 baths, had their bedding changed just as many times, and got an outfit change at least hourly. At one point, Greta actually broke down from exhaustion and worry. On Wednesday we took the kids into the doctor and each one of them lost over 1lb! I remember all those days in the NICU where we cheered every single ounce that was gained and suddenly we lose 16+ in one week. Fortunately, they were well hydrated and got over the stomach flu by the end of the week. Plus, they are not babies anymore.

Saturday, we decided to take the kids to the mall and have lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen. The person who seated us got us 3 high chairs and put a paper placemat and crayons in front of each of the kids. That's when it hit me. These guys are really not babies anymore. Obviously the host thought that they looked enough like 'kids' that they might want to color. I can't imagine he puts a placemat and crayons in front of every infant that comes in the restaurant. It dawned on me that Greta and I still have this perception that the triplets are fragile little babies. When you see them every single day you don't realize how much they've changed. After last week's battle I now have realized that the these three are neither fragile, little nor babies.


Anonymous said...

We love the new pics! We already miss the babies and it's only been a couple of weeks. Hugs and kisses, we love you very much!!

Auntie Sarah and Uncle Adam

Julie said...

Just when I thought the kids couldn't get any cuter, you post pictures like that! I'm glad to hear everyone's feeling better - give the trips a hug for me!

Kevin said...

Nothing like a little CPK after a week of stomach issues. Getting them hooked on fancy pizza, huh? What ever happened to good old fashioned pepperoni and shrooms?

Anonymous said...

So, so glad that week is over for you. That is a crappy (pun intended) way to start the new year! Good thing the neighbor girl from the cottage didn't stop by to hold a baby! Now do you see why I was so comfortable holding those "poopy" (fake = Old English Furnitur Polish) undies at the cottage? Once you see that much poop in one week, nothing will faze you. You sure have the cutest babies in the whole world! I think Greta is going to be a high demand photographer after all the awesome pictures she's been taking! Lisa D.

Amy Fawn said...

OMG, these are the most beautiful babies (or little people) ever! What amazing eyes! You both have awesome genes and have made three gorgeous kids!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

love the pictures; can't wait to see them this weekend. I like how Gabbie is showing off her teeth.

love granny